Heating and Air-Condition

Isolation in general

Heating and air conditioning are the most important energy consumers in the typical household.
When energy was cheap, hardly anyone did take care of a proper isolation of roofs, walls, doors, floors and windows. In fact a lot of energy is simply lost this way, heating and cooling takes around 50% of all energy costs. Improving isolation can result in great savings of energy. Already minor improvements in this area can lead to dramatic reductions in your bills.
Often there is an additional benefit in feeling more comfortable in a warm house (or cool) house.


Windows are one of the most critical points in every house. About a quarter of the overall heat loss is from usual double glazed sealed windows. New technologies have lead to the development of much more efficient energy saving windows, resulting in much lower losses of energy through this way.

Heat loss is not the only concern with windows – they can also let in heat during summer weather. This can increase the cost of running an air conditioner.

Modern windows use special materials to treat the window glass. Low emission coatings are applied to the inside surface which reduce heat loss through the glass. The windows are constructed of two layers of glass with an inert gas in between them. This gas – usually argon – reduces heat loss even more.

Technical equipment

Old cooling and heating appliances can waste a lot of energy. They should be replaced with newer models with better energy management.
They are nowadays well llabelled for their energy use, and with saving of 10-50 % the investment will pay-back usually in a short time.
Again here new models also improve the comfort and convenience for the daily use, as electronic systems have developed a lot during the past years.

Concept is the king

Especially for old buildings it is essential to creat a concept covering all aspects.