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Who does not know: headache! In most cases the reasons for a very hard day and problems at work.

Very well done for a change, one here does head massage. But what is a head massage? Thus, the massage of the scalp - head region. Say the neck, the neck, the face, but also the scalp. Especially the fact if we massage the scalp more blood will in the skin and that following is also good for healty hair. Head massage gives more energy for the hairs through stimulation the blodd vessels in the skin.

Head massages also helps to relax the muscles and to do something again the headache. But also - as said before -   head massage can help to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp and thus also help the hair or do something against hairloss german. Sure not really agains genetic hairloss but may be a little bit to prevent further hairloss. Let us not forget that every day millions of people in Germany suffer on hairloss.

Is it too late to help, of course, not those massages people can take medicin like propecia or minoxidil. But the last chance is an hair restoration (in germany called Haartransplantation oder Haarverpflanzung . This can produce amazing natural results today. Although ist can not create an full head of hairs as an 18 year old teeny, but certainly better than bald. But what is very important to do an good research.

Even after a hair transplant is sometimes worth a massage to regenerate in the donor area and to the skin.

Meanwhile, there are also special scalp massage devices. These help to switch off and create a pleasant sensation on the scalp.

Alopecia Areata


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